"I Just Want ABS"...

The Ugly Truth About Rocking a Six Pack

by: Adam Meadows

"Adam, can we add some extra abs in my program? I need more crunches... it's almost summer... I want to get that six-pack."

Things I hear all the time:

  1. the above quote.
  2. you have tiny calves.

I’d be lying if I said both didn’t hurt me equally.

Since I clearly don’t have the answer for Phil Mickelson-like calves… I’ll stick with telling you the truth about your abs.

Having a six-pack has to be one of the top fitness goals out there.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy beach season rocking a shredded core.

"So ... how do I get my abs to show?"

Spoiler alert… it’s not by doing thousands of sit ups… or endless crunches. You’d be better off just downloading one of those apps and getting your air-brush on.

The key to a six-pack is… drum roll please… low body fat.

What’s this mean for you?

You can blast away at your core and it will get you no closer to your washboard stomach.

For example, take an NFL offensive lineman.  I can assure you their core is rock solid and a strong part of their training program. However, no abs in sight.

The best approach: eat less and train smart. 

Sliding back from the table, training compound movements involving large muscle groups, and adding some INTENSE (but smart) interval training at the end of your workouts is your best bet. 

Just in case you forgot or… you’ve been living under a rock or… you’ve been listening to someone bogus… you can’t spot reduce.

Think Nike… but not really:

Just CAN’T do it. 

Training smart and focusing on total body work will always be the key exercise component of fat loss. 

is it worth the cost?

Click through below to find out what you’ll need and what you can expect.

Men: 6-9%

Women: 16-19%

  • have that six-pack
  • improved health
  • high work capacity
  • increased stamina
  • The struggle in social situations (involving food) will be real
  • Working out will be your main focus and limit time for social events
  • Think less like you have hobbies… and more like you have a hobby… and it’s fitness


  • Eat slowly until satisfied at 95% of your meals
  • Include 1-2 palms of protein dense foods in each meal
  • Include 1-2 fists of fibrous vegetables in each meal
  • Include 1-2 thumbs of essential fats in each meal
  • Exercise 60-75 minutes daily, with 4-5 sessions breaking a sweat
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night


  • Limit carbs to post-workout or designated higher carb days
  • Eat desserts / processed foods once every 1-2 weeks, within reason
  • Drink a caloric beverage once every 1-2 weeks.


  • Stop doing a million crunches, sit ups, etc… they won’t get you your six pack
  • You can’t spot reduce
  • Low body fat is the key to seeing your abs
  • Eat less
  • Train smart and focus on total body work to aid in fat loss
  • Ask yourself if it’s really worth the cost

the ugly truth revealed:

You know those cover models you’re always comparing yourself to… yeah the ones who are measuring in on photo shoot day at less than 6% body fat for guys and less than 16% for ladies… aka crazy low body fat.

Take a look at what that can bring:

  • loss of sex drive
  • disordered eating
  • social isolation
  • amenorrhea (ladies)
  • low testosterone (fellas)
  • an unbalanced life

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