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Healthier, Happier Employees

Equipping your employees with more tools to enhance how they feel puts your company in a position to achieve more as a whole.

The power of well-being initiatives


*Percentage of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives who are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

up and Adam Coaching is a people first company.

Happier employees mean increased productivity and revenue for your organization.

Investing in PEOPLE pays off in many ways. When you provide the right tools to your team to help them create new healthy habits and positive change … it improves their work performance, as well as their lives.

First of all… people don’t forget that.

And secondly, by providing this… you’re just reinforcing the message that: good things happen here.

Here at Up and Adam Coaching, we use habit-based lifestyle challenges to bring REAL progress to your team that lasts.

monthlyME provides a step by step, proven system and is always within reach — either online or via the easy-to-use Up and Adam Coaching mobile app.

Wellness by the Numbers

Within six years, lost work days declined by 80% and modified-duty days by 64%.
Cost savings, calculated by multiplying the reduction in lost work days by average
pay rates, totaled $1.5 million; workers’ comp insurance premiums declined by 50%.

-Harvard Business Review

1 %
of employers

indicated that their companies offered some type of a wellness program, resource or service to employees.

1 %
of employees

think that employee wellness programs positively impact the company culture.

1 %
of employees

said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.

$ 1
saved by the company

for every dollar that was spent on a wellness program because of reduced healthcare costs.

$ 1
saved by the company

in lower absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs.

Surveys don’t impact employees on the behavior level and short-term weight loss campaigns can do more harm than good in establishing good, healthy habits.

Compared to traditional corporate wellness programs, monthlyME provides a scientifically-proven method that’s focused on helping your team manage weight, improve cognitive performance, and function at their highest potential.

HEre's how

easy-to-use mobile app

Your team can take the program anywhere they go: in the gym, at home or on the road, 24/7.

Increase engagement

All skill and comfort levels will be able to take advantage of this virtual wellness resource.

Simple nutrition habits

Designed to create new habit patterns and reinforce the decision to improve.

Personalized Approach

A variety of options that meet each individual exactly where they're at based on their goals.

Company specific

Fully interactive with community newsfeed, quarterly challenges, and more.

Strengthen your brand

Connecting your brand with positively changing lives means life-long, raving team members.

Habit tracking on the go

Keep healthy choices top of mind. After all, the best way to create positive and sustainable change is to make it easy.

Things to do at a glance

Gentle reminders designed to keep your team motivated and on the path to creating positive changes.

LIVE virtual events

Everything from live weekly classes to events led by industry professionals: RD's, Yoga Instructors, etc.

Lifestyle Challenges

A simplified, sharable experience gives everyone a reason to join in.

Digitally build community

Nothing sustains consistent progress better than belonging to a powerful community.

Celebrate every win

Create change on the deeper, behavioral level while keeping your people happy, healthy, and engaged.

Track more, with less

A complete, 360° approach to health and wellness.

Our approach is simple

We focus on the basics to develop a personalized experience that meets your employees exactly where they’re at. Our simple approach centers around the four pillars of health — Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.

MINDSET is about helping your employees focus on positive changes and understanding what it requires for them to cope with life’s hurdles and challenges.

NUTRITION provides foundational support for your employees brains and bodies to help maximize performance.

MOVEMENT profoundly dictates how your employees live their lives and is essential for them feeling good, being confident, and moving better.

RECOVERY sets your employees up for better performance and continued success by recharging their mind and body.

What people are saying:

“Love being able to connect with everyone! Helps me stay sane!😜” 

“I hate you Coach Adam 😡 … but also love you. Is this normal?”

“WE have that strong team-like vibe going on in here… and I dig it!! 😎 “

“This might be TMI… but the wife says I’m developing a hot a🍑🍑. #bodybybeard”

“I’m just trying to get my biceps 💪  as big as his beard.”

“Literally dripping sweat. My mat is now disgusting thanks to you. And me. We’re all at fault. “

“These workouts are ‘ouch’ in the best way.”

“Simply having this app has meant so much… I didn’t know anybody when I first moved here ❤️ .”


“I love this squad!!!! 🤗 “

“He got me double-cheeked up for summer. 🍑🍑  ” 

“Bodyweight… and I’m completely drenched and smoked 💨.”

“One word: Sweat. Actually… two more words: Worth it.”

“Sooooo… AMRAPs f🤬💀👹-ing suck… but thank you. That workout 🏋🏾 was a beast!”

“You know he’d be down for a workout… or taco at anytime. And I’m here for that.”

“Can we just talk about how great it is to have a group of people who care… 😍😍”

Your employees have enough on their plates already.

No pun intended… (actually, kidding, it was intended). We’ll help them improve how they feel in a reasonable way that’s easy to maintain.

What you can expect


Instantly plugged in to wellness initiatives

Monthly recipe packs with shopping lists and calendar

Monthly webinars with a Registered Dietician

Quarterly habit-based lifestyle challenges

Weekly LIVE virtual workouts

Daily check-ins and in-app reminders

New on-demand workouts every 4 weeks

Encouraging activity for all levels

Interactive group messaging and newsfeed

Team building, support, and accountability

Quick video demos for each exercise

In-depth coaching videos with modifications

Mobility routines built for the desk worker

Leading employers know they need to create healthy cultures to attract and retain top talent, improve productivity, contain medical costs, and boost employee engagement.

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