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Say ‘hello’ to a completely interactive digital amenity that leverages the power of health, fitness, and creating positive experiences to build stronger, more engaged communities.  

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What we do


We provide instant connection

Residents are instantly plugged into their new community from day one. We provide simple and safe ways to welcome new residents, invite them to events, and get them connected with their neighbors. 


We safely engage your residents

From lifestyle challenges and community newsfeed to themed events and live virtual classes, we provide countless opportunities for residents to engage based on their own comfort level


We build community and your brand

Your management staff has a lot on their plates. We can help. With monthlyME, you have an active partner dedicated to engaging residents, building community, and improving your online reputation.


We constantly assess and refine

This isn’t a set it and forget it, one size fits all program. We’re dedicated to testing and adjusting our services to produce measurable outcomes that you can see and feel throughout your communities.

what we provide


Residents are instantly plugged in

Online review incentives program

Weekly LIVE virtual workouts

Special on-site community events (optional)

Virtual community events

Virtual community challenges

Interactive community message board and newsfeed

Daily engagement posts

In-app reminders

On-demand workouts built for all levels

Quick video demos for each exercise

In-depth coaching videos with modifications

What residents are saying:

“Love this community! Everybody is cool… I mean, insane is more accurate 😜.”

“I hate you Adam 😡 … but also love you. Is this normal?”

“WE have that neighbor-like vibe going on in here… and I dig it!! 😎 “

“This might be TMI… but the wife says I’m developing a hot a🍑🍑. #bodybybeard”

“I’m just trying to get my biceps 💪  as big as his beard.”

“Literally dripping sweat. My mat is now disgusting thanks to you. And me. We’re all at fault. “

“These workouts are ‘ouch’ in the best way.”

“Simply having the community has meant so much… I didn’t know anybody moving here ❤️ .”


“When it came time to renew… I didn’t even shop around. I couldn’t leave my squad! 🤗 “

“He got me double-cheeked up for summer. 🍑🍑  ” 

“Bodyweight… and I’m completely drenched and smoked 💨.”

“One word: Sweat. Actually… two more words: Worth it.”

“Sooooo… AMRAPs f🤬💀👹-ing suck… but thank you. That workout 🏋🏾 was a beast!”

“You know he’d be down for a workout… or taco at anytime. And I’m here for that.”

“Can we just talk about how great it is to have a group of people who care… 😍😍”

What drives us:

Providing individuals access to meaningful community and the right tools to positively impact their overall health.

Changing the way the apartment industry looks at and uses health and fitness in their communities.

People live bigger and better when they’re active, healthy, and connected. They’re also happier, too. And happier, more connected residents stick around.

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