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Energize your communities with monthlyME.

A mobile app amenity
powered by Up and Adam Coaching

We leverage the power of health, fitness, and creating positive experiences to build stronger (pun intended), more engaged communities.  

What we do

Provide Connection

Residents are instantly plugged into their new community from day one. We provide simple and safe ways to welcome new residents, invite them to events, and get them connected with their neighbors. 


From lifestyle challenges and community newsfeed to themed events and live virtual classes, we provide countless opportunities for residents to engage based on their own comfort level. 

Build community

Your HOA staff has a lot on their plates. We can help. With monthlyME, you have an active partner dedicated to engaging residents, building community, and improving your online reputation.

Assess and refine

This isn't a set it and forget it, one size fits all program. We’re dedicated to testing and adjusting our services to produce measurable outcomes that you can see and feel throughout your communities.

Engagement with a personal touch

Meeting residents where they are and based on their own comfort levels will more likely resonate than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why use US

WARNING: It’s going to sound like a fairytale.

It’s not. We promise.

white labeled app

Show potential residents what makes your communities unique with a custom branded app. Our program. Your community branding.

easy-to-use mobile app

Access our ever-growing content library from any device, any time. We have everything from on-demand workouts to live virtual classes to meet the needs of your diverse communities.

Consistent programming

Building relationships and trust takes time. We provide a consistent approach with challenges and events that help residents connect, stay engaged, and have a positive experience.

Powerful metrics

You'll get access to detailed engagement reporting to help understand usage and drive towards measurable outcomes.

A Partner in us

We work directly with you to build a launch strategy and marketing resources, while providing ongoing engagement programs to take the stress out of community building.

Direct access to elite coaches

You heard that right. Residents will be able to directly message their coaches for everything from nutrition tips and form checks to coaching cues and much more.

community is good for people

Our passion is building that while providing residents the right tools to positively transform their lives one small step at a time.

Integrates with Apple Watch

Now, more than ever, people need all the help they can get to make health and wellness a priority and incorporate them into their daily lives.

With its convenient format, our Apple Watch App offers residents an easier way to stay in touch with daily connection, start workouts on the go, and track habits right from their wrist.

After all, the best way to create and sustain positive change is to make it obvious, easy, an simple. 

People live bigger and better when they’re active, healthy, and connected. They’re also happier, too. And happier, more connected residents stick around.

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