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Frequently Asked Questions

Hell yeah! We have a dedicated “New Kid on the Block” training program to get you ready for the regular monthlyMe programming. If after your first time through the “New Kid on the Block” training program, you still feel like you’re not there yet… feel free to go through it again to build up your strength, endurance, and confidence.

When you feel ready (and there is no rush)… you can hop into the regular monthlyME programming. Each workout has built-in progressions and regressions that will be showcased in the more in-depth coaching videos. So no matter where you’re at physically, you’ll be cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

You’re definitely in the right spot. Everyone… and we mean, EVERYONE has a lot on their plate. We’re talking… super busy. Our workouts are built with that in mind, so you can focus on kicking some ass (preferably your own) and not wasting your precious time trying to “guess” your own workouts together.

No more wondering if you’re doing the right things at the right time. You’ll basically have one of the best and bearded trainers in your pocket, at-the ready, giving you guidance, and rooting for your success.

We have both an iPhone and Android app.

Of course not! You’ll notice that most of the time, we give a range (i.e. 3-5 rounds). The idea is to make this app work FOR YOU. That means some days, you’ll blaze through 5 rounds because you’re feeling like a champ. And other days, you’ll squeak out 2 rounds by the grace of the lifting gods because you barely slept 6 hours the night before.

That’s life. And that’s ok.

Our monthlyME workouts are designed so you can do them AT-HOME or in the GYM with minimal equipment. Most, if not all, of the workouts will use a mixture of bodyweight, dumbbells, and bands.

Check out our equipment recommendations: CLICK HERE


If you know Coach Adam at all… you know this is a dumb question. Of course there is a warmup.

We provide you with a bang for your buck movement prep (aka warmup) you can do before your workouts. 

No worries at all. There is no “falling behind” in our monthlyME program. Just follow the schedule provided in the Up and Adam Coaching app and jump right in.

You can also knock out some of the “New Kid on the Block” workouts. Then… once the beginning of the new phase hits, start it… and you’ll be locked in with your community.

We will be sharing tips, techniques, and resources centered around the four cornerstones of your overall health:

  • mindset
  • nutrition
  • recovery
  • movement

This could be in the form of a healthy recipe, coaching video, PDF, ebook, etc.

We’ll usually introduce these habits/skills one at a time to give you the chance to experiment and practice what works best for you.

Short answer: nope. But it’s your body. You do you.

We just don’t want to hear about it. Capeesh?!

We build each phase thinking of the training program as a whole. We want you to train hard… move better… feel better… and reach your goals. And we want you to do all of this SAFELY, effectively, and efficiently.

Call us crazy… but we actually care about you.

Got a question?

Ask away!