21-Day Eating Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

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I've been following (keto, IF, Paleo, Whole 30, etc)... will this be a problem on your challenge?

If you’ve currently found an approach you’re happy with… GREAT! The beauty of this challenge is you’re just experimenting with ‘eating slowly and mindfully’. Test it out and notice what you experience. From there, we can make adjustments… if we need to.

Do you provide a meal plan or a food guideline for us to follow during the challenge?

Short answer: nope. During these 21 days, I want to focus on and address volume control and HOW you eat instead of WHAT you eat. This will not only be the foundation of your health and fitness journey, but will also yield the biggest results over time and with consistency. 

Most days, I only have 10-15 minuets to eat. What should I do?

Love this question! And a lot of my clients experience this scenario on some level and at some point. The key here is to simply focus on the meals and times where you CAN slow down. That’s the best place to start. If you know lunches at work are going to be crazy… focus on meals at home and when you’re out with friends.

Are you able to see the information we share inside the app?

I can see only what you provide me inside the app. Meaning if you share your weight, body measurements, pictures, etc… then yes, I will see it. But none of those items are required for you to participate in this challenge. And I will never share that information unless given permission by you to do so.

Group ZOOM Call

March 9, 2020 @ 6:30 PM CST